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Submelody consists of David Cahill and Michael Whelan from Dublin, Ireland. They have both been involved in many live bands and acts over the years including Hope Sandoval, Synthelect and The Walls. Submelody is their live performances brought to the studio for a catalogue of future releases.

We have been recording different ideas and experimenting with various genres for the past five years. We just hit record and improvise with different instruments and equipment, then try to capture as much material as we can. We decided it was time to properly mix, master and release this vast array of work. The releases will start with one foot on the dancefloor as we both are heavily influenced by electronic music. As we get through the back catalogue other influences from, jazz, speed metal, dub, funk and psychedelic rock will become more apparent. Submelody hopes that you enjoy our music as much as we love making it.

Peace and good vibes from Dave and Mick.